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Welcome to the CNC Grind web site.

Applications expertise that can immediately impact your bottom line.  CNC Grind has reduced the abrasive cost to manufacture an aerospace turbine blade from $7.00 per part to $2.00 per part.  Have a bottleneck in your production flow?  

We saved one client $125,000.00 annually on superabrasives costs and  improved the process which eliminated their backorder issue.  

Recently a client requested that we analyze their production method. The current process yield was twenty parts every thirty minutes. The recommendation to change the process resulted in twenty parts every two and one half minutes. With our network of custom shops that we represent.  The clients parts were manufactured, tested and returned for evaluation. All aspects of the research and development of the process were turn key to the client. This provided a speed to market that was unavailable working on the clients shop floor.  

Every Industry Has A Leader

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Do you have a tough application? Please feel free to contact us where we have solutions to your problems.